Motor makes one beep noise when powered on with one esc

Hi, I am using 30amp simonk escs with 920kv motors. When I power the esc on with my 3s battery, the motor makes one beep noise when it should be making 3.
I have tried different escs. When I try to calibrate the esc as well, the motor only makes one noise and the esc doesn’t go into calibration mode.

Anyone know why that is?

Thank you for your help.

Thats not much information to go on.
Can you send a log file?
As you can’t arm you will need to go into Parameters and set the pre-arm log to 1 that will generate a log from power up.
Otherwise give us a much more detailed description of your setup with pics if you can.

Have you done all your calibrations?
Have you tried this connected to a computer running Ground Station Software (Mission Planner?)
Have you looked at the messages tab if you did?

The more information you give the more we can help.

My setup currently is connecting the esc straight to a receiver and calibrating them individually with a motor attached.
The esc I know works for sure, I have tried it on multiple motors which work fine.
I have a couple of motors that beep once. I have tried them with multiple working escs.
Somehow the signal is not being sent I believe. Not sure why.

Maybe the motor is damaged?

I will post pictures of my setup.

Thank you for responding.

Are you using Pixhawk? Secondly how are you going about calibrating it.
Where is the throttle position on the transmitter when you first start.
I don’t know if you did this
Calibrate your Transmitter before you start your ESC calibration.
1- Turn the transmitter on and set the throttle to max before connecting your Lipo
2- Then connect your Lipo you will notice a few flashes on the Pixhawk, while the throttle is
still in Max position disconnect and reconnect your Lipo at this time if you are using Pixhawk
press the safety switch till solid red, now you waiting for the ESC to emit a musical tone and then the number of beeps to indicate your battery cell count, in your case three beeps plus two additional to let you know that the maximum throttle setting has been captured then pull the throttle down to the minimum position now the ESC should emit a lone tone letting you know that the minimum throttle position has been captured. Now you have finished and if you raise the throttle the motor should spin.
Also remember that some ESC(S) can’t be calibrated so check on that, that is the brand of your ESC