Motor Interlock events in Log Files

I was going through my log files and noticed MOTORS_INTERLOCK_ENABLED and MOTORS_INTERLOCK_DISABLED events after every arm and disarm event. Pre-arm checks are currently disabled and I don’t have interlock programmed on my radio at all…?

It is normal, Interlock functionality (not the switch but the functionality) is enabled when the following rules are met

motors->armed() &&
!ap.in_arming_delay &&
(!ap.using_interlock || ap.motor_interlock_switch) &&

However it has nothing to do with Mission Planner, it’s a flight controller behavior.
And one more note, why on earth did you disabled arming checks ???

Ok thanks.

I was doing battery calibrations and my quad wouldn’t arm again because the MP voltage reading was lower than the actual so I disabled them. But don’t worry I will enable them again soon…

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