Motor Heating issue

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The drive is open for all.

I am uploading the log file, and the issue I am facing right now is the motor heating issue. Physically, the motor is balanced and I got 21 min of flight time.
Please check the log, I am not getting what would be the issue with the system.
The Drone specifications are given below;

  1. Pixhawk Cube orange + Here 3 GPS
  2. Herelink
  3. Tarot 620kV 4006 motor
  4. Hobbywing X-rotor ESC 40A
  5. Carbon Fiber Straight Propeller 1355
  6. Tattu 16000mAh LiPo battery
  7. Tarot 650 IRON MAN 650 Foldable Quad-copter Frame TL65B01

Frame link - IRON MAN 650 Foldable Quad-copter Frame TL65B01 – INDIAN ROBO STORE – FEEL THE TECHNOLOGY

Total Drone weight (Ready to Take-off) → 3.4kg

Overweight/underpowered. Predicted hover throttle is ~70% (should be 50%) which is about what’s seen here. You also have a mechanical yaw bias making things worse. I suspect under higher power demand you will see thrust loss errors:

Current logging would be useful here, you don’t have it.

Tuning is poor but that’s to be expected as you haven’t set the Initial Tuning parameters and done any (all at default). There is a screen for that in Mission Planner under Mandatory Hardware.

I want to ask you Dave, should I do autotune in this Quad drone?

No you should not!!!

You first need to do what @dkemxr said.

Ok, first I will set initial parameters and do the test flight.

Also fix the mechanical yaw imbalance.

As you said about the mechanical yaw imbalance. I will re-check the motor mount alignment. Am I right?

That’s right. Make sure all the motors and propellers are in the same plane.

What are you going to do about the thrust/weight problem? You are asking for trouble with how it is now.