Motor heat difference left side - right side

Hey there,

I am having a hexacopter X with original pixhawk v3.3.1

I checked the temperature of all motors and recognized, that all motors on the right side
(Motor 5, 1, 4) have a difference of about 10 degrees in comparison to the those (Motor 3, 2, 6) of the left side.
On the right side I have values of about 45 degrees, on the left side around 35 degrees.

Any ideas what is going on?

Thank you in advance!

Sounds like the centre of gravity is off to the right meaning the right motors have to work a bit harder to maintain balance.

Or you were fighting against a wind during flight.



thanks to both of you!

Well I was flying indoor, so no wind at all!
I am going to check, if the center of gravity is off to one side!