Motor driver packetized serial mode

Are there any plans to add support for packetized serial mode for motor drivers, that can be used to get wheel encoders readings from motor drivers that support them, like Roboclaw?
Also can be used to control several motor drivers and more then 2 wheel encoders trough a single UART port.

Do some googling - I’m pretty Roboclaw support is in there somewhere.

It’s not about Roboclaw, it’s about packetized serial mode.
And I don’t need advises on what to do, I need answers from people who know exactly instead of being sure.

AP doesn’t have support for Roboclaw’s serial interface I’m afraid and it’s not personally on my to-do list at the moment. It’s possible another developer might pick it up and do it but I can’t predict that.

I suspect it will happen eventually but it really depends upon a volunteer developer picking it up or a company stepping in and funding that specific work (I’m not trying to push anyone towards paying for stuff, I’m simply mentioning this because this is in general how stuff seems to get done - either via a volunteer developer does it for fun or a company steps in 'cuz they want it for a specific project or product).

In fact, since this post, I have prepared a proposal to bring support for this kind of controler. I will post it soon, I expect to have support of roboclaw in December

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