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Motor do not work

I have my boat in auto mode .but I find that only servo work.the motor still stop.what is would be grateful if you can solve my question.thanks

@BMCstudio very little information provided to solve the issue. Kindly provide more information, any error messages shown and data flash log.

It always show Bad logging.but I think it have no association with my problem.when I change mode from manual to auto mode.only servo(channel 1)works.the motor(channel 3)do not work.even I give it a accelerate speed

You really need to post some type of log otherwise its hard to help. How is ACRO, STEERING or LOITER mode?

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You will not have control on transmitter in auto mode. Kindly set some way points and check if it executes them.
Use other modes like steering for controlling using transmitter.
Also usually when it shows bad logging error it should not allow the vehicle to be armed (unless pre arm checks are disabled).
To solve bad logging error, check the following

  1. SD is present on Flight controller and is not corrupt.
  2. In full parameter list make sure that Log backend type is 1.

When I change mode from manual(armed status) to auto mode(armed status).it show Flight mode change failed

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