Motor Controller problem

Hi all,

I’m building a skid rover with a Pixhack Cube black. I’m having a lot of problems with roboclaw 2x15 and I prefer to choose another motor controller.

Does anybody suggest one?



Use a couple of RC car/truck brushed ESC’s instead. I find they work well. Hobbywing has several choices including a dual unit.

Hi Dave,

So put an ESC for right wheels and another for left? And one channel for each ESC?

Thank’s for your help


Yes. I don’t have a skid steer vehicle but I have built a couple of conventional steer Rovers and used these ESC’s. They are usually waterproof, have a high current rating and are not that expensive.

You should make sure the ESCs you buy support setting the operation mode to forward/reverse, instead of forward/brake/reverse. Dave is right about the high current rating fot RC ESCs, but the roboclaw goes up to 34V which is equivalent to a 9S lipo plus a bit and brushed RC ESCs handling that much voltage may be hard to find.
You also never wrote what you problem is with the roboclaw controller. It should work just like a regular RC ESC with the right settings.