Motor brake disable

Is there a parameter to send a signal to disable brakes for motors with built-in brakes, that I think are automatically enabled (wheelchair motors)I see ATC_BRAKE, but that indicates the ability to stop the vehicle by reversing the motor, and I don’t see anything in the rover code, just the copter code for brakes.


Our interface for most ESCs is pretty simple - just a pwm signal between 1000 (normally full reverse) and 2000 (full forward) so I think the brake setting for the ESC needs to be done with a separate tool (for example with the regular ESCs that I have on my RC car i use an ESC programmer like this).

If there’s a datasheet somewhere that describes a different interface for the motors we could look into adding support.

I was just going to use an h-bridge similar to a L293. As far as I understand it can be wired 2 ways.

You have 2 pins that are either high or low to control the direction, and an enable/disable pin, which turns on and off the external power.

You can either send pwm to one of the direction pins, or to the enable disable power pin.

However, this motor has an additional mechanical brake beyond that controller, that needs the enable signal, and now that I think about it, I can probably use the enable pin signal to run a relay, provided I use two pwms to control the direction. but it would be nice to have a delay to let the brake disengage.

I can poke through the code some more. It might be able to be more easily be done via the emergency mechanism.