Motor angle and alignment. Critical?

I have a folding 650 class frame with 15" CF props. The tips only miss each other by about 3/4". Yes, it’s a tight fit. Due to using flat low rpm motors (SunnySky X3508S-16) I am having a bit of a problem with the blades striking the frame occasionally (the twitching of auto tune will do it).

Question: If I angle the motors away from center a few degrees to help the blades clear better when they pass over the frame. Will it wonk up the APM?

It should still work. Most frames with round CF tubes for arms have the motors a few degrees off unless very precisely levelled. I often fly with them a few degrees off and have even had the mounts fail before with one motor twisted right round >90deg on a quad and it still flew home and landed. The balance won’t be quite right of course and it will work some motors harder than others to compensate so keep an eye on that. The FC itself should cope fine (I’m no expert, just my experience!).