Motionew M31 Rugged Hand-held Ground Control Station

Hello all from Shenzhen, We are pleased to share a new ground control station with you.

M31 handheld GCS (Ground Control Station) is a portable GCS that has everything you need inside. No need to carry extra heavy accessories around and waste time on the initial setup by connecting different components together.

This all-in-one ground control station integrates your radio control, datalink, and video link in a single entity. Although you can use your own communication system, you can also connect using standard interfaces including S.BUS, USB, LAN, and industrial-grade CAN protocol which can be self-defined by the host computer. With a big 10.1″ touchscreen display, you can control and monitor drones (Multirotor, Fixed-wing, or VTOL) or robots (UGV, ROV, or USV) at the same time, and have real-time footage of the installed gimbal camera as well.

Here are the introduction video and the blog link:

Introduction Video:

You can find the full description here:M31 handheld GCS - Innovative design, Exciting Features - All you need in one design - MotioNew



I received mine, it looks really nice. Is there any SBUS output?


Yes, there are two SBUS outputs available on the unit. As you can see there are two aviation sockets on the top edge. The one that has 6 pins includes Two channels of SBUS and 1 channel of RS232 (COM4). Here is the pinout for your reference: