Most suitable GoPro for live streaming on drone? Hero 9, 10 or 11?

Today I realized I can have a Gopro for free using my flyingblue miles!
I can choose between a Hero 9, Hero 10 and Hero 11. There is also a Hero Max.

When it come to hardwiring those camera to ardupilot (rover or sub) is there one that could do the trick better? I am looking for live stream meanwhile the data is saved on the gopro. Maybe this can’t be done? In this case, I will go for the 11 and just press record before flying.

Thank you for your opinion.

This doesn’t have much to do with Ardupilot other than OSD data if the Flight Controller you are using has that capability.

Yes, you are right. Let me ask differently. Anyone use GoPro for live streaming on their drones? And if so which one would be the easiest fit?

GoPro generally sucks at wireless streaming and has no provisions of which I’m aware for ArduPilot integration.

If your flight area is entirely within WiFi range, any of the options you listed can work with the native live streaming feature. None of them integrate particularly well with an FPV style video transmitter.

Ok. I guess this is how I should ask initially. So no wifi range. I guess I will just press the record button and fly.

Thank you

It’s kind of a shame, really. Even the camera trigger feature on the drone-focused Bones model is a bit janky and ill conceived. They are decent for video capture, but they aren’t really FPV cameras at all.

You’d be better off comparing the image stabilization features. I know there were complaints about some of the latest models and drone applications, but I don’t know if those have been addressed, nor am I much of an expert in exactly which model on today’s market is best suited for aerial image/video capture.

The main application would be underwater video (filming plants and sediments under a skid steering arduboat). If I could see the live stream it would be better but I can also mount a cheap FPV camera and tune the GoPro to have close to similar footage. What I see in A is recorded in the Gopro.
It is hard to find good quality video for hobby drone. Does RunCam integrate better? Is there a list somewhere of good camera that actually work on arduX ?

That’s a very common setup (high quality camera for captured imagery + FPV rig with similar FOV).

I’m no expert in FPV but have used both RunCam and DJI hardware. In my limited opinion, RunCam makes good analog hardware, and DJI or Caddx (WalkSnail) are the easy choices for digital. They all have options for OSD integration with ArduPilot.

I’d welcome further opinion to the discussion, since my own FPV experience has been brief.

Work to do what? Runcam works great for analog FPV but other than configuring OSD on Flight Controllers that have the chip Ardupilot doesn’t do much.
Runcam support
And see here

Your right again! I do survey on the water. I use QGC most of the time. My goal is to have real time video in base station and be able to trigger video from there and have them store on the ground unit. If a better quality image can be store in the drone, this would also be good (this is why I was thinking of the GoPro). I hoped it could do both but apparently not.

Not all camera can be stream and recorded in QGC at least without going into custom build and coding.
Signal transmission on the water to the ground unit is a challenge. I aim for about 1km autonomy but I always see my drone so this limit is certainly more than I need.
I tried with cheap camera and only get about 100- 150m FPV. Plus, I need to get the video on my phone while telemetry go on my ground station. Not super to install all of this at every uses. With this setup I could not record anything and the video quality was poor to say the least.
There is many camera option: IP, digital, analog… Is there a synthetic review of this somewhere? Is there a list of proven working solution already compatible with QGC?

At the moment I did not find any uses to OSD but I have limited knowledge about this. I do waypoint survey and let the drone do it in autonomous mode while looking the QGC window. Meanwhile I need to monitor the video during the survey and manually take pictures from time to time.

I didn’t know a apparently simple GoPro question would end up like this!

Thank you