Most helpful hardware manufacturers

I’ve got a little bit of money to spend on a new FC and was hoping one of the developers could chime in and let me know who some of the more helpful hardware manufacturers are behind the scenes? I would hate to invest in a company that has created their hardware and doesn’t support the development on the back end at all. Is there one, or a couple companies that you as developers reach out to and they respond right away to make sure their hardware is always up to date, or fix issues you find? Are there any who currently support the development of Ardupilot more than the others and freely give out their schematics with no modifications or extra patent/copyright notices? Those are the types of companies I want to invest in long term. Any feedback from anyone, but especially developers that might have some insight about how these companies are working with, or NOT working with, the Ardupilot team on the back end would be much appreciated. Will point this to @tridge, @rmackay9, @andyp1per and @peterbarker because I think they might have the best info but welcome anyone else who could help me decide. Thanks!


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Any of the Partner companies (Hex, mRobotics, CUAV, Holybro, Mateksys or Drotek) are good choices I think. It’s tricky for us to give advice beyond this because we just risk upsetting one or the other. Individual developers undoubtedly have favourites and some companies contribute more than others but we might have to leave you to try and figure that out on your own or we will get into hot water!


Thanks for the reply, and that’s fair enough. If anyone would like to drop me a private message with any personal opinions, that would be appreciated as well. I think it’s a shame you can’t give kudos and drive business towards companies who are active, but we just can’t see it on this end. Maybe I’m thinking there’s more to the behind the scenes collaboration than there actually is. Thanks again!