More Thrust for a simulated High Performance Waypoint Quadcopter

I have overcome the 45 deg pitch limitation by multiplying the pitch by 2.

void Copter::auto_spline_run()
attitude_control->input_euler_angle_roll_pitch_yaw(wp_nav->get_roll(), 2.0*wp_nav->get_pitch(), get_auto_heading(), true, get_smoothing_gain());

This gets the Pitch up to 56 degrees. But when I roll into a sharp turn or try to pitch more, the throttle maxes out at 100%, How do I set up set up an overpowered Quad that hovers at 10% throttle and flies fast in AUTO mode?
MOT_THST_HOVER=0.1 and MOT_HOVER_LEARN=0.0 doen’t seem to change anything.

Our UAVs with fly better slowly when they fly better faster. SITL is the best place to improve ARDUPilot as crashes don’t damage our vehicles…

Ben Israel
Genesis One Technologies