More than one 3DR autopilot used with one computer

For planning ahead:

If I have in total three different drones with their individual autopilot (One Pixhawk, one APM 2.5 and a future APM 2.6), what is the best way to deal with them on one single mac computer for setups and planning? (I run both Win and MaxOS, but aiming to clean it up and only use APM Planner 2 and beyond.)

My untested theories are:

  1. Create one user account for each autopilot.
    -> Should create separate user files, but all users share the same application, which might overwrite autopilot settings when swapping user.

  2. In the same user account, duplicate and rename the APM Planner software to create lets say one “APM Planner Pixhawk”, one “APM 2_5” and one “APM 2_6”.
    -> Should create different individual application preference files in the User Library for each renamed application, but since its all in one single user account things might get unstable in the System library.

Has anyone tried this?

Settings for the mission and parameters can be saved for each autopilot you connect to different named files. You will need to refresh parameters between connections in the Full Paramter view and also re-download mission waypoints from the currently connected autopilot.

If you are combining Plane and Copter autopilots, you will need to restart APM Planner 2, due to a known issue, but we hope to fix that in a future release.

AP2 also will support multiple MAVs in the future. Its in the code but is untested. You will need to assign each auto pilot a unique SYS_ID which can be done in the Full Parameter View.

Thank you very much! :sunglasses:

What is the “Full Parameter View” on APM planner 2.0 and how do you assign a unique SYS_ID?

Thank you