More than 1 camera sowing

I have up to 3 cameras on my aircraft, they stream to udp 5000, 5100 and 5600. Those are the ports the shim listens to. Is there a way to jump from one to another?

At the moment one at the time they all work, would be great to be able to jump from one port to the next.

this is exactly what i was talking about in the other thread

my plan is to make the autoconnect very generic.

ie listern on many ports for specific types.

ie port x,y,z for video
and a,b,c for mavlink etc.

and user configurable

to answer you question directly. currently there is no way to select between the different streams. but my plan is to do this

Do you think it is worth doing my own version or yours is coming in the next month or two?

Went ahead and did my own plugin wich changes camera listening port on every click. Very nice to scroll trough all the cameras on board.
Did the extension to listening video and telemetry timeout too.
Thanks for your help.