More strict compass checks?

This question is probably a rare breed. Most post I have seen here is about the compass not willing to get calibrated or some pre-arm check failing. Which are also legitimate questions off course. Having good compass health is complex.

After having all those issues too, I’m now on the other side. After a lot of changes I can now calibrate my compass without problems and it has been a long time ago since I saw a pre-arm check fail. Though that doesn’t mean I’ve had no flyaways or toiletbowling. (From what I see caused by the compass.) Not a big issue. From what I understand the checks are mostly geared towards being a little bit less strict, given that a pilot is behind the controls and can always take over when needed.

Now for me personally and possibly also towards people that use this in more professional settings I would prefer that it is less forgiven and more strict. I.e. not allowing the drone to takeoff on borderline compass checks or having some flight-monitor that can alert when the compass is bad.

That is why I want to start some discussion around the following:

  1. Is it possible to make the pre-arm checks more strict? And how? I.e. are there already existing parameters that can get changed in order to accomplish this? Or are there values I can monitor in the drone or using the TLogs that enable to see the health of the compass?

  2. When having two (or more) of the same drones is it possible to compare compass values to detect that the values are off? I.e. calibrate one and see that the other is still good enough or should get calibrated.

  3. Given my problems arise mostly after “in-flight yaw calibration” is there something to detect compass errors? I currently already detect “ground mag anomaly” and decide this is bad enough to warrant a re-calibration. I know that the system doesn’t see this as a problem. But to be more robust I see this as a potentially bad calibrated drone. Are there other similar things that I can detect and mark a recalibration is needed?

There are possibly a lot more ideas here…

(Note: I’m not requesting for finished items or requesting the developers to drop everything. I’m actually requesting pointers to where to look. There could be things I overlooked or there could be things that still need to get implemented. I’m a developer myself and willing to get my hands dirty if needed, but I need the pointers on what could be done. My compass knowledge is not that great).

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