More prof camera in Tower app

Is there any chance to add full frame cameras support to Tower app ? I would like to have possibility to create survey with such cameras. I would like to add full frame camera (for example Canon 5d) with different lenses 18mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 45mm, 50mm ? Can I do it by myself or I need to wait for software update ? This app has very easy preparation of survey and that’s a pity that I can’t chose camera which I am using :frowning: Thanks for great app !

Even it the answer is too late:

Yes it is still possible to add custom camera profiles into Tower App!

I´ll try to give some hints:

  1. create a folder “3DRServices” on the phone (internal memory)
  2. create a subfolder “CameraInfo” into “3DRServices”
  3. create a .xml file by an editos software

Example of a custom profile for Flir Tau 336 camera:


  1. this file has to be saved as .xml file and should be placed into the folder “CameraInfo”
  2. Check if your profile can be selected by the Editor in the Tower App.
  3. Have fun!
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Thanks for info! I will have problem with sensor resolution. How can I get this value for Canon 5d mk2 22 Megapixels ? Is there any formula for calculation this ? As I understand

focal length
is just a number of focal length in millilitres.

Ok so I created file:

but Tower doesn’t see this new camera.
Please look at the code: