More issues with a Large Quad

I’m not fully sure what caused this crash. Any help with analyzing the log would be great. This quad does not have any issue with ESC Sync as I have fully tested them and they work great. The GPS was all over the place, but, the crash happened in “Land” mode which I believe is dependent of GPS.

Also this has a LIDAR Lite which seems to have jumped quite a bit during the time of crash. However, looking at the logs it looks like a mechanical issue as I switched to stabilize mode and the quad regained stability for a min but then flipped and crashed.

Logs are attached.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

No one see’s anything going on with the logs?

I’m not very proficient in identifying problems in the log. It looks like the DAlt R loses its altitude reading on 36285. Your Alt R maintains the altitude, but the other looks like it dropped off. I wish I could help more. I wouldn’t think that would affect it in stablize mode. How hard was the crash? It looks like the Alt R has a gradual drop and then throttle IN drops to zero when it was in its descent. How high was the Quad when it dropped?

Also, it looks like your wp nav radius is set to 10000. the paramaters range is 100-200. That could give you issues in autonomous missions, also.

Thank you for the reply.

The crash was very strange, I noticed the GPS was not good and was all over the place so I switched to Land mode to get it down from 30 meters. As it started to decent it went crazy and dropped rapidly about 5-10 meters. then it caught itself, then it tipped and dropped again, but this time I switched to stabilize and gave it throttle. It caught itself for a second about 5 meters off the ground then tipped and crashed.

It was very strange as in land mode I believe the GPS should have no effect and in stabilize mode thre should be no effect at all.

This vehicle has a LIDAR Lite V2 as well hooked up through the PWM Ports as described in the Wiki which the readings look all over the place during the time of decent so maybe that was at play?

Still trying to figure it out though, very strange as even in stabilize mode it crashed after catching itself.