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More flexibility in joystick assignment

I would really love to have more flexibility in assigning axis and buttons to whatever function i need. It feels a bit locked in functions as it is now. I understand it is much easier to configure as it is now but it lacks somehow in performance. Maybe an advanced tab where there is freedom to assign everything?


Not quite sure what you mean. Can you give an example of something you want to do that you can’t now?

would like to control the gimbal with my third stick on the joystick (i built a 6 axis joystick), also would like to assign to a button the different mount of the camera (gps, rc control, mavlink control, front). Maybe it is just me, but it seems i can’t make it work.

Ah, ok. Those are not a problem with presentation of the ui. Those are features which simply don’t exist.

Thank you anyway to have answered. Again, your software is really GREAT, it looks amazing!! And i am sure is great for 99% of users. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Can you explain this part a little more as well?

I get the gimbal control from extra joystick axes. Certainly a great feature to add.

I hate to talk about other software but i don’t know how to explain it in any other way. In MP you can assign Mount to a button, so for example, one button can be GPS Point, and another button can be rc_targeting or mavlink targeting.
Hope it is clear.

Sure but what do those things you are assigning actually do: Assign Mount, GPS Point, RC Targeting, Mavlink Targeting. What do they cause the vehicle and/or the gimbal to do?

… and/or what affect do they have on the joystick axes if any?

They change the way the payload act. Flexibility of assigning any joy axis to any channels was crucial in a recent project we have done where an rc channel changes the altitude of a given auto mission in real time. I could map channel 7 (the one i use) to a slider and precisely correct auto mission altitude moving the slider in real time.

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