Monitor Voltage and Current of the PX4 FMU+IO

Is it possible to monitor voltage and current of the PX4 FMU+IO (v1.7?

MP just displays voltage, but I cannot figure out how to display the current.

I followed Randy’s instructions and I can display both values out the Pixhawk, but I cannot do the same with PX4 FMU+IO.

Any suggestions?

Hi, I have a PX4 + IO and I think the default current sensor input its currently broken on the PX4.

I use the “airspeed” analog input instead. It’s number 11. Its up to 6.6 Volts as it is scaled down 2:1
You will have to use a BATT_AMP_PERVOLT twice as high as before.

This is the issue: … t-93466956 … d-pixhawk/

Hi there,

Thank you for posting this information.

Just to make sure I understood. Are you saying that I need to set BATT_CURR_PIN to 11 (instead of the default 101) and increase BATT_AMP_PERVOLT to 34 (the default is 17)?

Will that allow to display the actual current in the PM Flight Data display?