Momentary CH 7 Switch to Learn a waypoint

My Rover is running quite well with a Pixhawk.
Now I want to add waypoints using the CH 7 switch; setting it up on my TARANIS PLUS radio.

Can someone tell me the specification of the switch operation.
Should it go from 950 microsec to 2200 microsecs?
Or from 1500 to 2200?
Or the inverse of either of these?
Also how long do I hold the switch, 1/2 second , several seconds, etc.???

From memory it just wants to see the switch go above about 1750pwm. Its fairly instantaneous so a normal switch in switch out speed. Its actually designed for the toggle switch (top right back switch on the Taranis) so you hold it up and it records the waypoint and you let it go. Easy.

Thanks, Grant.

gmorhp: Thanks for the quick note.
It seems I had two issues:

  1. there is this hidden parm called something like “CH 7 Option” which I did not have set.
  2. My Taranis was not putting out any signal in CH 7 at all.
    Both now fixed & will test tomorrow.

Thanks for your quick help. All is well now and working great.
Should be interesting using this to plan missions through the park out back.

Delighted its working. We always love to see video’s of Rover’s in action :slight_smile: And a photo of your Rover too!

Thanks, Grant.