Mods to better support petrol rovers

I’m looking at making some code mods to support petrol rovers, and wanted to see what functionality other people would be interested in. So far, I’m considering:
[]Separate brake and throttle channels - will need to think about how to map “negative” throttle to brake out of the throttle PID code.
]Engine start sequencing
[]Failsafe modes for engine kill vs. just idle / brake
]Tachometer input
[]Wheel speed encoding for traction control / ABS
]Rollover detection -> failsafe mode

Open to any other suggestions.

Hi Mr Roberts,

Sounds like a good idea.

I’d like to see wheel encoding capability for precision low speed position control as well as ABS.

Also proper back up control as well. :arrow_right:

Best Regards,


I am currently studying with a gasoline-Rover. (APM2.6) Where two separate accelerator and brake servos required.
As I can read, this is still in development.
Did I currently a way the brake before and to go to a planned Mision to a certain point and I control the channel in Manuel mode by RC?
(sorry for my bad english) :frowning:


Unfortunately it may be some time before our Programmer, Tridge, can get to supporting petrol powered rovers.
His main Mission is to support the ArduPlane and Ardupilot libraries firmware so he has a lot on his plate besides supporting the ArduRover2 effort.
Also, since most of the rover users are using electric power, the main thrust of the feature additions will be for electric powered rovers for the near future.
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer