Mods for night flight?

I have a Sky Viper Scout (v2450HD) still using the original software for now. I would like to hook up some Schwinn bicycle lights (LED) for night flights if possible. Does anyone have ideas or suggestions on how to go about it or just don’t do it?

This thread has some ideas and a product link. I attached the LED unit to the SV v2450GPS battery cage with velcro. It just barely fits when the SV is on the deck.

Thanks, I looked at that thread earlier. Ill have to re-read it, dont really want to pay that much for lights. maybe im being to cautious. ill see what i can do. Thank you!

The stock LEDs waste most of their light by pointing inside the mostly black cavity.

A modification which which adds no weight but increases night visibility greatly is to carefully drill a hole in the plastic lens the same size (3mm if I remember correctly) as the LED and assemble with the LED partially through the hole with the lens pointed down. Position the hole as close as you can to the center of the drone so the leads will be long enough to allow the LED to reach after they are bent at a 90 degree angle. This can be done without disassembling more than the lens.

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