Modifying rc.APM to start-up up BLINKM


I need to modify my rc.APM start-up script to initiate the BLINKM on boot, but cant find an editor? I can connect and get a shell prompt NSH>, navigate to the file but how do I edit it? Once I am there I was going to drop in the code…

start the blinkm driver

blinkm start
usleep 5000
blinkm systemstate

startup is done; we don’t want the shell because we

use the same UART for telemetry

Is that still current? running the commands individually I can get the right responses. Sorry if I m missing something really obvious here! It also occurred to me could I mod the line RGBLED, once I know how, I to be the address of the blinkm LED then will it behave as the internal one does?



Good question, I would like to know this also! I have several BlinkMs laying around so I could spare a few EUR using those instead of the new external LED.