Modified parameters list

before posting I tried to find a way to list all the CONFIG/TUNING parameters that I have modified during the several setup sessions of my model.
I try to explain better.
Frquently the model setup is done in several sessions.
It should be common that you forget which parameter you have modified from the default configuration and set differently, especially if you have modified a large number without keeping a log of your doing.
It would be great if Mission Planner could compare the default parameters list (e.g. the ones that come as default with Copter) with the one loaded on your device, highlighting the ones that differ from default.
Please let me know.
BTW thanks a lot for your doing in offering us great tools as Mission Planner.


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Mission Planner has a compare function. If you save your parameters file as you are advancing with changes you can use it to compare what has changed.

I’ll try.