Modified HK Nova, flying 3.5.3 - No problems

The HK Nova was given to me a short wile ago because my grandson has now more interest in rugby and girls. I thought it would be good for testing my Helicopter missions before using that expensive gear. I ripped out the original electronics and the drone has now a pixracer as the FC plus new ESC’s and motors. Have updated to the latest FW release 3.5.3. and cannot find problems. –Three videos in One– See yourself:

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Well done!
I’ve done the same to a couple of Nova’s in the past :slight_smile:

Thanks James.
As you see in the second video I have used the Tarrot retracting landing gear. I control it manually and and is not always up.
I put also a Storm32 controlled 3axis gimbal underneath with a Firefly (GoPro clone) camera. The videos are very dark. After landing the rain started heavily. Here is spring time at the moment, hard to find gaps without to much wind and rain.

I used a walkera gimbal and GoPro, but they’re a good little platform.

Just to mention this.
The gimbal is one of those ~$100.00 cheap 3 axis gimbal at GearBest or eBay. The driver board STORM32BGC is the important part. It has 2 IMU’s.

Yup: Olli has done a great job with the storm32, I have a couple. You should check out his YouTube channel! Canbus, encoders, really progressive stuff.

Your right, I should. And I speak his language too.
The only trouble is I am a bit old for a lot of this. (68) I try as long as I can.