Modes fail to change

I have built my first rover using a Redcat gen7 model with a Pixracer FC and a Frsky X6R RC.I can’t get the different modes to change,I have 5 setup but the only two that will change is Hold to Manual.Mission Planner shows them changing in the HUD but it also says mode failed to change in the message box. I will add links to a log and parameters. THANKS

Hey Alan-All the other modes you tried require a good positional estimate. GPS lock, compass heading. Calibrating the compass may help, all of the offsets are at zero.

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Thank You Dave … Weather hasn’t been the nicest to get outside to calibrate the compass but im going out now. Thanks again.

I see you have the external compass disabled (COMPASS_USE, 0) and the 2 PixRacer compass’s enabled. This has never worked for me. I would enable all of them for the calibration then you may have to disable 2&3 depending on the offsets you get. If you don’t get compass errors then leave them on.

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