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Moderation guideline: "Clone products" in HW forums

(StefanG) #1

Hi all,

the hardware forum and subforums are supposed to be the official 3DR HW support forums. I reviewed the forum descriptions today, adding “genuine 3DR” to the descriptions.

Please keep an eye on those forums. We do NOT provide hardware support for “clone products”. If a hardware support issue for a “clone product” is posted in the HW forum or subforums, please advise the OP politely to seek HW support from the respective manufacturer and close the thread.

This goes only for HW support questions. Anything related to software or operating/configuring “clone products” from a software point of view is acceptable because it is, after all, open source software which is supposed to be supported by this community.

If in doubt, please open a discussion in the admin/mod forum.