Modem X-Rock 915mhz 500mw


I have a X-Rock 915mhz 500mw modem. But the range remains the same as 100mw. I tried to increase the power in TX POWER in the Mission Planner, but it does not save time.

Some help please!

Thank you!

just set the Tx Power to 20, which would correspond to 500mW. All the output power values would simply be increased by 7dBm ( i found this info here )

follow the steps on this page

i hope this helps you out

Good Morning!

Yes, thanks for the help!

The fact is that I reached only 2.5km with the 100mw and the 500mw.

I’ll try to change the antennas, any suggestions? I need at least 5km.

Thank you!

you could try to lower the air speed?

i found this link very helpfull

good antenna and easy to make