Mode change after Guided mode

hi. Noticed a little bug? with guided mode. Its not possible to return to the mode you were before entering guided mode (with button commands from Herelink).
Lets say im on Stabilize and give Goto (or Take off etc) command, craft enters the Guided mode executes the Goto and hovers in Guided mode and its not possible to set Stabilize mode straight back, i must first set another mode, pos hold, alt hold etc. This was tested with cube black copter 4.0+ herelink beta2.
I have not used Guided mode before, so it might be a known issue ?

Got landing gear working on my S900, one thing i did not think ahead is that i probably need to set one button for LGR neutral to get auto LGR deploy on RTL, because auto deploy did not work´d when LGR button config is for 2 modes, deploy (short button press) / retract (long button press).

My understanding is that this is how it has always behaved. Are you attempting to execute the mode changes from the GCS? Or from your transmitter?

I fly with a transmitter and a GCS. So I typically takeoff in loiter or althold with the transmitter, then switch to Guided on my GCS. When I want regain control on the transmitter, the flight mode switch is still in loiter or althold. I have always flipped into another mode and back to loiter/althold.

TL;DR - this is how I have always known it to behave. Had you witnessed different behavior on previous releases?

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Hi, thanks for the info, as i said “I have not used Guided mode before, so it might be a known issue ?”

Now i know :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you commanding the mode change via GCS?

I would expect that mode changes from the GCS would not require switching to another mode then back since it is just a telemetry command at that point…I would expect the GCS is capable of switching the flight modes at will.


Yes, with QCS app on herelink rc. I agree with you, there should not be any hassle with mode change in “ready made” product like Herelink. But its just beta now, will see to what it will evolve :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report.

I think the issue is within HereLink itself so I’ve passed this onto @siddharth who is responsible for the HereLink firmware releases.

This is my understanding of the sequence required to reproduce the problem:

  • Setup the HereLink to set the mode based on the buttons on the bottom of the transmitter
  • Push one of the buttons on the Herelink to switch the vehicle into AltHold (or whatever mode), then arm and fly the vehicle
  • Click on the map and trigger the “GoTo” command (sorry, I don’t have a HereLink with me at the moment to check the exact wording on the GUI).
  • Vehicle switches to Guided mode and flies to the location
  • Push the same button as step 1, the vehicle does not change to AltHold

Thanks again for the report.

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The issue here is that Herelink uses RCIN to control modes, so basically following scenarios is what’s going on: You have your RC controller switch on Althold, and you did guided mode via GCS. There’s no way to get back to Althold through RC without changing to different mode and switching back.

This will change in the future versions of Herelink software updates, the switches will be associated with sending mavlink commands instead of controlling RC channels.

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