Mode and text display in the hud

I want to use set_mode() in AUTO mode to change to another mode under certain circumstances. Log shows that the mode changes succesfully, but during the flight MP always displays AUTO mode. Is there anything else I should do to update the mode displayed on MP??

Also, I want to print some text on the hud, but gcs_send_text() only records the text in the log file. Should I use some other function, or do I have to modify MP?


MP displays what the autopilot tells it. my guess is something on the autopilot code side needs to change.

unless you have reacted a new flight mode or something

Thanks. I’ve solved the text display problem. It’s indeed only the matter of ardupilot.

I still don’t understand the first problem. Flight mode actually changed, but why didn’t the mode on MP change?
Is ‘flightmode display’ also only revelant to the behavior of ardupilot?