Mode 2 stick PixHawk pins

I am at a lost at this point - I am sure it’s something silly i’m doing wrong but at this point, i’m stuck.
I am trying to set the throttle to Ch3 and the steering to Ch4 as it stats in the PixHawk quick start guide. Throttle works properly, right stick as I wanted but Steering will not. I also tried tiring it to the CH4 100% RUD but that did not work either. If I leave things setup the same way my quadrocopter I can get it to work with left stick by using different pins on pixhawk,

  1. What am i doing wrong?
  2. Can I change the pins that Pixhawk uses for throttle and steering?

Current Setup:

Turnigy er9x - mode 2
PPM Encoder

CH3 100% ELE
CH4 100% AIL
CH5 100% P3


I should probably add that my Receiver mapped 1:1 to the PPM inputs. 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 I did not mix which cross channels like it says in the APM2.6 setup instructions… Maybe that’s my problem?

Guess I’ll keep posting my updates in case someone else has the same problems…

Ok, I have it working now. I guess I just was not reading the “right” directions. :confused:

In the APMRover instructions found here -> … ick-start/

It says to use channel 1 for ESC and 3 for steering. – IT NOW WORKS!
I had to remap the channels:
CH1 100% ELE
CH3 100% AIL
CH5 100% P3 (6 positions switch mod)
Be sure you are NOT in hold mode when testing… seems obvious but yeah I forgot that too sometimes which makes troubleshooting impossible!


i seem to be having a similar problem.
Dx6i Tx
(new) AR7700 w/ remote (spektrum now offers ppm) Rx
did my reciever switch.
ppm output seems to be in mode [right throttle] i need mode [left throttle]
(i can never remember which is which)
all my flight modes are still intact n such
seems there should be a box i can check in ardupilot to recognise the change