Mobile Log Viewer For Ardupilot

many times its happened that we want to view and analyze a flight log but we don’t have access to laptop or PC.
so we decided to write and develop a mobile application to do this.

Ardupilot MLV is a mobile application for viewing .bin log file on your Android or iOS phone.

currently this app is in beta state and will be open source after exiting beta state.
please fell free to send any bug or wanted feature to me by sending message.

Application Tutorial :

1- Chose a log file

2- Tap on ‘Parse Log’ button

3- Wait parsing log to be finished

4- Open side menu to see parameters list

5- Happy analyzing

Download Link :

Android APK (minimum android version 4.1)
iOS (minimum iOS version 8.0) (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

Our road map :
1- Make chart zoom able
2- improve performance


Nice job with this!