MNT_Mode; which value for ROI tilt in missions"

The Mount operation mode MNT_MODE has five choices. A value of 3 for RC _targeting works fine for me in allowing my channel 6 to control the tilt by pot switch on the Taranis.

Which setting, “2” Mavlink_targeting or “4” GPS-Point gives control of the tilt for ROIs in Mission Planner Flight Plan or Droidplanner.

Values of 0,2,3,4 all move the tilt correctly when connected MP Flight Data and right clicking to bring up the “Point Camera Here.” So I know the command can get through when sitting at home.

But, “3” RC_Targeting does not tilt when on an actual mission.

So does one use “2” or “4” to turn the gimbal over to MP or DP on a mission?

Hi everyone, new to these forums and to flying any kind of vehicle. I just got an Iris+ a few weeks ago and am loving learning about it and arducopters in general.

I have this same question and was just wondering what the solution to this question was? It says solved in the subject but no one ever replied.

The original poster may have solved it himself without help from other members.

TCIII, thanks for the reply. I realize that I could’ve been more clear on my question :blush: , parkgt or if someone has the answer to this could you please let me know.


On my setup a value of 4 allows DP or MP to control the the pitch of the gimbal. In this mode the RC does nothing to control pitch.

With a value of 3 pitch controlled by the TX. I have not found a way to switch back and forth easily without going into parameters and making the change. I am hesitant to try to make parameter changes in flight. It would be nice if it could be done by a switch on the TX.