MMCUAV Etlas Neo II ground station with IP54 protection

It can be used for route planning, flight mode switch, access to flight information and controlling payloads etc. With built-in long-distance telemetry, HD image receiver, independent LED display and industrial motherboard, this industrial-grade Etlas Neo is built for usage under adverse environments and for BVLOS flights.


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Hopefully You will be a full fledge partner soon, in the mean time , please add links and show compatibility with existing ArduPilot ecosystem (Mission Planner or QGC or else)


thanks,It is a windows platform and can run QGC and Mission Planner very well。
For details, please checkⅱ

Again I had to change the title. Please use better titles in the future.

All looks a bit suspicious. The contact details on the website don’t help much either…

thanks for your help

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