Mmc zt10 uav-ptz


ZT10 dual optical PTZ is a mounting product independently developed and produced by our company. It integrates infrared thermal imaging movement and high-definition zoom movement, and has intelligent tracking and identification function. It is equipped with a new PTZ interface, which can be adapted to many types of flight platforms of our company. It is widely used in frontier and coastal defense, wharf, maritime affairs, forest fire prevention, electric power line patrol, petrochemical, environmental protection and other fields;

 Visible starlight 4k+ fixed focus uncooled infrared camera

 Low illumination night starlight level imaging capability

 Integrated target recognition and automatic tracking

 Infrared temperature measurement and temperature warning (optional)

 High imaging quality and strong scene adaptability

 High sensitivity and good integration

 4K video synchronization recording

 Small size, light weight and low power consumption
Size 180x120x120mm

Weight 600g

Removable installation

Pan tilt control range pitch: -90 ° ~30 °; Rolling: -75 ° ~75 °; Heading: ± 145 °

Static control accuracy ± 0.01 °

Dynamic control accuracy ± 0.05 °

Support zoom support digital zoom

Visible zoom x6

Visible photo pixel 830w

Visible video resolution 1080p

Visible light lens 5.4mm

Temperature measurement range: 0 ℃ ~ 120 ℃

Thermal imaging resolution 640*480

Thermal imaging lens 19mm

Palette black hot, white hot, false color

Pixel size 17 μ m

Operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
MMC Skylle II

$15000 MMCUAV

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