Mk32 multuple cameras and audio

Just getting started with an Siyi MK32 setup…not ardupilot related…

Anyone have experience using their hdmi camera adapter?

Anyone have any experience sending/receiving audio using the Siyi devices?

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Did you get any feedback on this? Specifically looking to see if i can implement 2way audio.

I finally figured out how the wireless tunnel between the controller and receiver works!

However we’ve since failed at figuring out how to modify the Siyi Android app to properly interact with an audio stream.

So far I’ve been through three teams of contractors with no luck. Apparently streaming audio in Android is very challenging.

That said we’ve been developing this on a back burner budget…no real money spent yet, so the results are to be expected.

@ajlapp thanks for the feedback. I am debating whether to go herelink or siyi mk32 for our robotic application where we are after two audio. It appears neither of these system integrates audio natively but appears it should be possible custom custom apps and some hacks.

Did you manage to get any support / SDK / documentaion from Siyi around this? There seems to be a lack of documentation and not alpt of discussion on this product in forums.

I have managed to get some support from Siyi but it’s been spotty.

For example they show audio jacks on the controller diagrams but those physical jacks are not populated on their pcb….they didn’t know this. :man_shrugging:

That said, we’ve figured out and tested most of the audio stuff so I know it works. We just need to find a solid Android developer to help integrate these features.

Great thanks for the info. Good to know it is possible but just comes down to the integration in android app. Plus good catch on the audio jack not physically connected.

I guess next step for me is getting hardware to test and in contact with Siyi support.