Mixing maxes out

I’m just installing an Arducopter v2.8 with Plane 3.4 loaded in my V-tailed Talon. Radio with standard outputs and mixing in the FC.

Everything does as it’s supposed to, BUT the rudder and elevator throws are huge. When I check the Mixing_Gain it says 5. Not 0.5 as it’s meant to. When I try to set it to 0.5, I get an out of range error message, but the input field accepts the value. However, there is no effect on the wild throws.

If I shut down the Mission PLanner and start it up again (assuming it reads the values form the FC), it now read the value “5” again…

Any ideas?



Greg of DIYDrones helped me out.

The input format is “x,x”, not “x.x”. Control surfaces moves nicely now.