Misson Planner Visual Artifacts; When will reliable fully DPI-aware version be available?

Hi - I just tried out Mission Planner, but I’m struggling to even get through the setup wizard, since e.g. the RC calibration page is cut off in the middle and there is no scroll bar, so all the (invisible) items on the bottom are inaccessible. This is on generic 3-year old hardware (Laptop, 2560x1600 screen). When I then try to set up things in the firmware section, most of the text fields are truncated, and scroll performance is glacially slow. Spent two hours perusing forms and fiddling with driver settings and Windows 8 compatibility check boxes etc. This is using the “latest” version downloaded today. Any ideas for a simple fix? Thanks so much!

Try Qgroundcontrol and APMPlanner2 in the meantime, what you describe is a mess to fix (it was in the 90s when I worked using Windows)

what MP version are you using?