Misson planner crashes when i try to calibrate the compass

Hi all,

Every time I try to calibrate the compass, the Mission Planner crashes 2 seconds after pushing live calibration.

Can anybody help?

Best regards

It would be nice if you would state what version of Mission Planner you are using. Ver 1.3.24 is the latest.

please update your graphics card driver.

Hi all,

I use the latest version of Mission Planner. (I downloaded it last week from the site).
I’m a Mac user and use Windows XP in a virtual Machine.
No possibility to update drivers.

Will try to install Mission Planner on a real PC.

Best Regards

Hi All,

After installing Mission Planner on a PC (WIN7), everything could be calibrated. Even now, I am able to unlock the motors.

This shows maybe the limits of a virtual machine.

In all case, the postings helped me to solve my problem.

Thanks a lot