Missions are stalling

Tried two flights the other day for some ag mapping. Two strange things, one is the flight plan itself. On a couple of legs the line is dashed instead of solid yellow. After taking off, it flies to 100m strait up and stays there. Like for 10min lol so I decide to land. Did this twice. Any ideas? Is that delay at 14 in sec?

Ok, the dashed line are just from and to the takeoff and landing zone. Did notice there’s a new check box in the flight plan dialog. Under add takeoff and landing waypoints there’s a RTL check box. Flight always just came home. Is it asking if I want to manually switch to RTL to come come? Could that be what’s messing the autopilot?

Just a note about the new check box in “survey grid”. If you select us speed, the window will generate a do_change_speed command but the parameter will be in the wrong column. This will halt the mission after takeoff as the uav will try to go to the next way point at 0m/s. Leave it unchecked an it will use the max nav speed in extended tuning instead. The speed you enter in the flight planner’s survey grid will only be used to calculated total flight time. Don’t forget to use the same speed in your max nav setting!