MissionPlanner Swarm dialog box have some display prooblems,how to solve it?

I rencently research on mutihelicopter swarming,and my MissionPlanner version is 1.3.59 .I follow you step,and open dialog of swarming ,but I find some trouble .In my dialog ,the Stage1 page is black! I try 1.3.60,but there is no difference.I don’t know how to make it work right.

The picture above is not clear, upload a high definition picture

You might want to try upgrading to the latest beta version or even the latest stable version. Looking at your picture you are running 1.3.59, the most current stable is 1.3.62.I don’t have a lot of knowledge of swarm but often times (most) the latest stable or beta has some bug or issue fixes.

please update your missionplanner

Thanks for your reply!:smile:A few minutes ago,I downloaded and set up the MP v1.3.62 ,and opened the Swarm dialog box.The dialog’s Stage 1 is the black.Only when I hold the left mouse button and slide on it can I see the gird twinkling.I can’t take the screenshot of flashing picture,maybe you can try it .:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

can you try beta MP?
help > update beta

I updated the software a few minutes ago.

I don’t know if the upgrade is correct.
Here is the page I opened.

I also test the old version MP 1.3.49,which don’t have such a problem.

after loading it can you maximise the window? just want to see if its a redraw issue

Is it like this?

Some day ago, I tested the old MP 1.3.49,it can normally open the Swarm dialog.But yesterday,I donot open it successfully.

Yesterday,I wanted to analysis the Swarm code, and I found the “FormationControl.cs”,I didn’t make any changes.Later,I tryed to Debug this code in Microsoft Visual Studio Comminity 2017 V15.9.2 .All goes well,while I click on the “swarm” button,there is an System.ArgumengtException occurred.

I don’t know how to solve it. Maybe Michael can give me some sugguestions.

connect to the drones first

Yeah,Thanks your suggestions! I have test MP1.3.49 and MP1.3.53 ,while connect to my drone, there is no error.

Before connect

After connecting

But I didn’t find the way to solve the MP1.3.62’s Swam dialog box display problem .:joy:

I am running into the same issue, both on 1.3.62 and the current beta.

I am attempting to use Swarm with SITL, is there any other fix available?

what type of pc are you running it on? does it support opengl?

Thanks, I realized the issue the moment you asked.

I was running Mission Planner through the integrated Intel card rather than the GTX 1060 with OpenGL on my personal laptop.

I am primarily working on a project in our Unmanned Aircraft Systems lab, which use Quadro m4000s alongside an integrated Intel card. I would guess the fix will be the same.

Thanks for the quick response, and the great product. We’re big fans. :slight_smile:

I enabled openGL this morning on our lab computers running Quadro M4000s, but it did not resolve the issue.

I apologize for the triple post, but I am exceedingly desperate to work out a solution.

I was able to draw the grid on my personal laptop by running Mission Planner on the 1060 rather than the integrated Intel card.

On our lab computers, each of which run Quadro M4000s, I am having no success. I have enabled openGL, updated drivers, both on the latest stable MP (1.3.62) and MP beta. Windowed or full screen, I am still stuck with a black Control page.

Is there another GFX setting which could be causing a redraw issue? I’m very sorry for the trouble.

My issue is identical to Helihoo’s, in which I can briefly view the grid when dragging the screen.


in the latest beta MP ive removed the need for opengl. so should be working again.

Hi Michael, I tried MP beta version ( but the swarm screen problem still unsolved.



please try the latest release