MissionPlanner. Show real and virtual position of the plane

I am working with GPS jamming simulation.
This video shows how to simulation gps jamming in SITL:

SIM_GPS_DISABLE parameter works.
Real and virtual positions have difference over time:

In MissionPlanner SIM_GPS_DISABLE also works. But only virtual position of the plane is shown.
When GPS enabled back MissionPlanner shows ‘instant jump’ from virtual position to real:

Is there a way to show real position of the plane in MissionPlanner?

It is a very niche use case. Why not put up a WSL and use the sim from there, you can then use the mavproxy map to show the sim “internal” real position, as it is shown on the video.

Thanks for quick reply @Eosbandi
Now I know for sure that there is no such possibility in MissionPlanner.