MissionPlanner not responding

Hi, I’m experiencing a problem where opening MissionPlanner will only get so far as the logo loading window, and then stay on that indefinitely. Eventually saying that the program is not responding.

I don’t get any errors when building, so I’m not sure what could’ve changed because it was working previously.

I know this isn’t much info, but I’m hoping someone here has experienced this before and can give me some things to try. If any more info is needed I can try to get it.


If you built it, why not debug it to see what is happening?

We had just started debugging, with no immediate results. So, I figured I’d post here just to see if anyone was experiencing the same thing.

We figured it out. I was an added script in a different project getting a null reference exception. It took some digging because the problem was stemming from a dll.

Thanks for responding though, debugging is what ended up fixing it :grin: