MissionPlanner: missing RC-Option

Hello, after update MP to 1.3.74 some rc-options are missing. I use the option “76” (Standby). In “extended tuning” for ch7 - 10 opt. it is not to choose. In full parameter list under “rcx_options” it is not to see. But i can write it in the values, and it works.
And in " Auxiliary Functions" in Ardu-Wiki it is in the list.
What ist the reason?


if you goto setup > advanced > regenerate param doc. and restart it will most likerly come back

Hallo Michael,
that was it - thank you very much!

another Question: if I have wishes for additional functions (swashplate) in “traditionell Helicopter/heli dual” - where shall I post it?

Thanks Holger/

that sounds like a ardupilot feature you want, i would start in the copter thread

okay, I will do