MissionPlanner Crash When I click arm/disarm button

Hi, I use missionplanner 1.3.71 version and when ı connected MP with SITL. When ı click arm/disarm button Mp is carshing. Sometimes it is crashing when ı click this button 4-5 times later.Sometimes it is crashing when ı first click. I dont get error. Just Mp is closing.

Update Mission Planner. That version is 4 yrs old.

We made a lot of changes to it. But I still thought of upgrading to the latest version, but when I installed the latest version and opened the missionplanner.sln file to edit it, it gave me an error while running it. There must be a problem with the codes inside. So a missionplanner that I can’t edit is of no use to me. What can I do? How can I edit the latest version? Or how can I solve this error in this version?

I downloaded mission planner latest version from github. And ı made git submodule update --init --recursive.ı opened MissionPlanner.sln file and ı start MissionPlanner at relase and Any Cpu .Okey missionplanner.exe worked. No problem so far. But visual studio crashes when I open flighftada.cs file to customize. There is no problem with other files, they open and there is no crash. Just while open flighdata.cs file visual studio is crashing. I have been tryıng to solve thıs problem for a week. I have deleted, reinstalled and repaired Visual Studio many times. How can I properly download the latest version of this missionplanner and edit it?

No idea. Create a new post with a title that describes your problem.

I see you did that.