Missionplanner Commando injection


I’m pretty new in the Ardupilot world, just getting started.

I would like to combine a third party Software with Missionplanner in that way that - in my imagination - I would like to send commands to Missionplanner to execute - for example a predefined mission with an UAV and that MP then starts the rover in my case for executing the mission?

Is it in general possible to send commands to MP like this? - if yes how ? I hope I’m not totally on the wrong box with my idea.

All the best


If you insist to use MP as an intermediary it can be done in many ways (Script, Plugin)

But why not send Mavlink commands directly to the vehicles, MP can open a pass through connection (serial or IP) to support it.

The reason to use MP in between for me is to have a nice gui to define routes…and also different missions - when sending the mavlink commands directly (correct me if i’m wrong) I would have to send all waypoints etc. right? or is it possible to export a predefined command-set for a mission?

You can setup the mission upfront in MP and upload to the vehicle and then send the start mission command externally.
IF you need multiple missions then you can combine them into one large mission with RTL at the end of each part, upload as one to the vehicle. Then all you have to do is send a set next waypoint to the start of a given segment and execute.

Thank you for the explanation! This gets me some steps further :wink:

Are there any examples for how to use scripts in this way?

I’m not well versed in MP scripting. I’m rather a C# coding guy.
But if you tell me what do you want to achieve exactly, I can look up some solution ideas.