Missionplanner attaches to "COMx-1-ADSB" instead of "COMx-1-Fixed Wing" on connect

For reference, I’m using Cube Oranges on arduplane 4.0.7 and am now trying 4.1.5. Using standalone pingRX modules instead of the built-in ones, as they get more reliable reception. Missionplanner version is 1.3.76, although I was seeing the issue on 1.3.75 as well.

Underneath the data rate dropdown in the top right of the window, there’s a dropdown that lets me select between “COMx-1-ADSB” and “COMx-1-Fixed Wing,” as well as other options that appear when other Mavlink devices are attached to the system. To get the correct and full datastream from my aircraft, it needs to be on “COMx-1-Fixed Wing.”

In the past, it always selected the “fixed wing” option by default on connection, so there was no issue. However, now it sometimes defaults to the ADSB option, and then gets stuck on the “Getting Params” popup screen in the connection process. I can cancel out of that popup and change the dropdown to “Fixed Wing” manually, but it doesn’t re-attempt to load the parameters, and I am unable to access the parameter list screen to do so manually. (It just says “Paramaters are still loading. Many screens will not work until all Paramaters are loaded.”) Meaning, if I want to view or change parameters, I must get missionplanner to select “Fixed Wing” by default during connection. The only truly reliable way I’ve found to do so is to unplug the PingRX, which removes the ADSB option from the dropdown.

It’s worth noting that this is an intermittent issue. It doesn’t happen every time, only about half of the time. When it does happen, I can sometimes get it to work by rebooting the aircraft or closing and restarting missionplanner. However, if a more permanent solution exists, I’d prefer to not have to deal with this issue.

I’m posting this in the missionplanner section because it seems to me like missionplanner is having trouble deciding which data stream to grab by default, but if anyone has suggestions involving parameter settings and/or firmware, I’m open to trying it.

Setting serial 5 options to DO NOT FORWARD seems to do the trick. It will mask the erroneous heartbeat packets from pingRX, and ADSB messages are consumed and reemitted by the flight controller with the correct ID and Component. This is another default setting for Cubes with pingRX equipped carrier boards.