MissionPlanner 1.3.49 - Fails to fetch firmware for px4v3 board

I am updating Arducopter hexa on a Pixhawk to FW version 3.4.6. The update fails with the following error message popup:

Failed to download new firmware : System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The URI is empty.
at System.Uri.Net.WebRequest.Create(String uri, ...

MissionPlanner console prints the following:

INFO MissionPlanner.MainV2 - port COM3
INFO MissionPlanner.MainV2 - Device Change 537 DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL 
INFO MissionPlanner.MainV2 - Device Change 537 
Found board type 9 boardrev 0 bl rev 4 fwmax 2080768 on COM3
INFO MissionPlanner.Utilities.BoardDetect - is a px4v3
INFO MissionPlanner.Utilities.Firmware - Detected a px4v3

Looking at the firmware destribution site, it seems that there is no FW specifically for v3. (http://firmware.eu.ardupilot.org/Copter/stable-3.4.6/PX4-hexa/)

Advise appreciated!


3.4.6 was never officially released for the v3 board.

Ok. Thanks for the information.

Now I do have other v3 Pixhawks which were updated earlier using older versions of MissionPlanner. Those boards are running 3.4.6. I just wonder which version of the software are they actually running in case 3.4.6 is not officially avaialbe for that board?

Should I be concerned? What exactly does it mean that 3.4.6. was not released for v3 board? How can I find out what actually got installed to those earlier boards?

Best Regards

it will be v2…

Thanks Michael!

HI Michael,

I have a Pixhawk from 3DR. when chekcing hardware version it says px4v3.
Anyway, I cannot load previous frimware as I always get failed download and URI error regardless which old version I pick.
Can you please advise on what should I do?
Many thanks in advance!