Mission with Auto WP ans Survey (Grid)

I have a 3DR X8+ that I am using for mapping, since July (so I am a newbie!).
I have learned how to program my X8 for survey usinh the Mission Planner and following a document downloaded from 3DR website, “Pixhawk Mapping Package Operation Manual”. I am using the “Auto WP” option to automatically configure a Survey grid (see attached image) over the land. My problem is with the “Use speed for this mission” option: if I don’t use this option checked, independently of the estimated Flight Time (usually 13-20 min), altitude or number of strips (2, 3 or 4 strips) the real flight time is always about the same: 6:30 to 7.00 minutes per flight (so the drone flyes at aprox. 17km/h)! If I check to turn on the mentioned option, to force the drone to accomplish the desired speed, it takes an eternity to finish the mission - usually it doesn´t respect the configured Flying speed, it flyes at aprox .6 km/h!
What am I doing wrong? Or this is a bug of the software?
Thanks in advance for your help

I think the issue is probably the WPNAV_SPEED parameter’s value. Maybe it’s set very low. By default it’s set to “500” which means 500cm/s or 5m/s. Perhaps try increasing that parameter value to 1000 (10m/s).

By the way, I suspect you’re not using Copter-3.3 (you’re probalby using Copter-3.2.1) so I’ll move your question to the Copter-3.2.1 forum.